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Correct keyword research will forever remain as the first element of any effective Seo campaign. Without properly and definitively defining your campaigns keywords, all of your on-site and off-site SEO efforts will lack direction and purpose. Hunting down and targeting the correct keywords is truly an art form in itself.

The Right Keywords for Your Business

The metrics governing your choice of keywords include budget and conversion potential. It's all well and fine to say that you want to rank for ‘plumber Sydney' but if your budget is inadequate then trying to rank for such a keyword isn't realistic. You should spend your budget on securing some long tail keywords instead.

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We've been performing keyword research for years & we can help your business

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Choosing the Right Keywords IconUsing the right keyword tools

There are hundreds of keyword tools available to perform keyword research and we use a carefully selected group of the best tools available on the market today.

Finding Longtail Keywords EffectivelyFinding the best longtail keywords

Our favourite tool for finding the best long tail keywords for your business is ‘The Ultimate Niche Finder‘. This tool allows us to drill deep & find all of the hidden gems.

Using Auto Suggest KeywordsLeveraging auto suggest keywords

Another great research tool we use is ‘Keyword Researcher‘. This tool allows us to scrape the auto-suggest keywords that appear in the Google search bar when you start typing.

Using LSI KeywordsSeeding LSI keywords correctly

Part of proper keyword research is to ensure you have the right density of LSI keywords seeded throughout your page's copy. There is no better tool than ‘text Tools‘ for this.

Improper keyword research is a disaster waiting to happen. There's nothing worse than allowing your page to age in the search results only to realise you've forgotten to include certain keywords, or you didn't choose keywords that convert very well.Get in Touch ?


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Proper LSI Keyword Research Governs Your Content

Writing keyword optimised content isn't the same as it used to be. We've seen pages ranking in first place that don't even contain the main keyword in the content. This is because the search algorithm now places a lot more weight on the LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords contained throughout your page copy. It doesn't matter if your page's content has the main target keywords carefully seeded throughout the copy, if the right LSI keywords are not present, then you're restricting your page's ability to rank.

Keyword Research can Keep Penalties at Bay

Correct keyword research can help you to avoid the negative effects of the Humming Bird and Panda search algorithm updates because those updates target thin and weak content that's missing the right density of LSI keywords. It's simply no longer effective to base all of your SEO efforts around your main keyword.

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Leverage Our Expertise to Get the Results You Need

Leave your pride at the door is good advice for selecting the best keywords for your website. There's no point ranking for a giant keyword with lots of search volume if the keyword itself has low ‘buyers intent'. The effort spent on achieving those rankings would be far better spent on ranking for a broad spectrum of keywords with higher buyer intent as that would be much more profitable.

Effective Keyword Research Strategies Produces Results

The actual process of choosing the right keywords once you have all of the data compiled can lead hours of deliberation for business owners. Our keyword research experts perform this task several times a week, and our experience ensures that we select the most achievable & profitable keywords to spearhead your SEO campaign.

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