Verifiable Proven Results

How do you know you’re receiving the best training possible, we’ll just look at which page is ranking 1st in the search results for SEO training Sydney.

Perfect Learning Atmosphere

Our workshops are held in an ultra modern facility with no more than ten people in attendance so we ensure you get the specialised attention you deserve.

Learn Seo That Really Worx

You’ll learn the exact methodologies we use to rank our everyday clients in the top positions for highly competitive keywords in all types of industries.

Advanced Effective Strategies

We’ll empower you with an arsenal of powerful tactics that you can deploy to achieve astonishing results on websites in the shortest amount of time possible.

Learning From the Very Best

The main purpose of our SEO seminars is to compress years of expertise and experience into an information-packed strategy that you can deploy immediately.

Teaching What Others Hide

Our seven-hour SEO workshop will arm you with the right mindset, make you an on-site semantic master, & provide you with off-site link domination strategies.


Cut through all of the hype, myths and misinformation, and learn how to do effective SEO that really Worx.

Teaching You SEO The Way No One Else Will

You’ll find thousands of example sites that rank in the top positions whilst contradicting the information given by the seemingly most trusted sources such as search engines. Our training differs because we show you how & why those sites are achieving their results & exactly how you can do it a lot better.

Learn Exactly What’s Working in SEO in 2016

Misinformation about search engine optimisation can cost you countless hours of work and frustration. We’ve researched tactics and strategies for thousands of hours so you don’t have to, and we know exactly what’s working in 2016. Leverage our extensive experience and save yourself time and money.

Exposing Secrets of the Trade for Your Benefit

The primary objective of our intimate SEO seminars is to teach you the fastest & safest way to rank websites in the search results. You’ll be shocked to learn what we’re divulging, and we guarantee that you’ll leave with a more comprehensive understanding about how to rank sites than you ever imagined possible.

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Some Key Points About Our Training Seminars:

  • We use these exact strategies to rank 100’s of keywords in 1st place

  • We expose techniques that produce amazing consistent results

  • Our Sydney SEO seminars will teach you exactly how to rank sites

  • The training groups offer expert personalised tuition to help you

  • All scheduled courses run provided there are at least three attendees

  • We provide a range of different courses for all types of skill levels

  • We teach advanced strategies that secure fast, effective results

  • We have a range of different courses for all types of skill levels

  • The SEO workshops go for 7hrs & are packed with information

  • You’ll be learning the exact strategies we use to rank our clients

  • All course tickets are $670 each with a maximum of 14 attendees

  • We teach all methodologies including what some may call ‘black hat’

  • Learn how to combat and easily recovery from Google penalties


Highly Targeted Approach

Our targeted teaching approach ensures you learn the exact methodologies required to perform highly effective SEO. We don’t teach boring regurgitated propaganda because that’s not what we use to achieve our results. Our detailed instructions allow you to skip the time wasting myths and learn what works.

Superior Methodologies

There are countless different strategies that supposedly lead to better rankings, but in truth, most of what’s taught is outdated, time-consuming and utterly ineffective. Wasting time with article marketing, press releases & directory submissions won’t get you anywhere. The fact is, most people won’t teach you what we will.

Strategies That Work

The course modules, techniques and skills we’ll teach you are specifically intended to achieve one outcome; to show you the fastest, safest, and most powerful way to rank websites in 2016 and beyond. Our training teaches you exactly what to focus your efforts on with step by step instructions on how to do it.


The Essential SEO Course Overview

This course is has been custom built to teach you search engine optimisation strategies from the ground up. It will empower you with the exact strategies needed to start ranking websites in the search results. The techniques we teach in this ‘essential’ module will give you a powerful skill set and endow you with a comprehensive understanding of how to perform SEO.

You’ll save yourself thousands of dollars and countless hours of wasted time by learning the correct foundation principles of search engine optimisation the way we teach it. We’ve specially designed this module to give you the fastest shortcut to the path of understanding advanced SEO methods. Beginner practitioners of SEO can easily be led astray with the myths and fluff, and that’s what this training will prevent. By correctly learning the essential elements we teach you to focus on, you can streamline your path to becoming an expert at search engine optimisation. With the material you learn in this training, you’ll be able to rank sites in the top positions in your local areas. Here are some typical results you can expect to achieve using the strategies that we teach in this course. As you can see, the site has more than 50 keywords in 1st place!

Who Should Attend the Essential Module?

This module is suitable for anyone that wants to learn how to perform Seo on their websites. It’s also perfect for anyone who eventually wants to learn much more advanced strategies in the future. With this module under your belt, you’ll have an excellent foundation to work from that will allow you to understand the concepts and techniques conveyed in more advanced courses. Anyone who owns a business website should be attending this course period! Even if they just understand what’s being done to their website by other SEO agencies they’ll have a massive advantage. Whether you choose to employ these strategies yourself or not, we’ll teach you the right questions you should be asking your future or current SEO providers.

Our search engine marketing courses are specifically designed to get you the results you need and our curriculum is continuously being refined to keep up with the new breakthroughs we discover during split testing campaigns. Our trainer also covers the essentials such as traffic generation, Adwords and analytics, mobile, and other online marketing strategies with advanced twists. We empower you with the techniques required to get your company website, or your client’s websites to the top of the results. Seo Worx offers the most powerful training courses Sydney has and we’re confident that you’ll join the many happy students who have given us positive testimonials.

What Can I Expect to Learn From The Essentials Module?

The main purpose of this course is to arm you with the knowledge required to rank your websites in the search results. The following is a brief overview of the topics we cover, and the skill sets that you’ll learn during the 7-hour course. Another fantastic benefit you’ll receive is the networking opportunities with other course attendees. All beverages and lunch will be provided.

  • A truly targeted laser focus approach on how to perform search engine optimisation
  • How to quickly assess your onsite SEO deficiencies and how to easily repair them
  • How to optimise your entire website, so it avoids penalties and ranks much better
  • A crash course on all the tools and resources you require for effective web design
  • Everything you need to know about effective link building and exactly how to do it
  • How to get brand new SEO clients if you plan on selling your newly acquired skills
  • A full detailed breakdown of all the tools that you need to perform effective SEO
  • How to optimise & rank your ‘Google Place Listings’ at the top of the search results
  • How to stop competitors reverse engineering your link profile & other handy tips
  • How to properly reverse engineer your competitors results so you can do the same

The Advanced Training Workshop Overview

This module was specially designed for Seo practitioners and business owners who need know how to take things to the next level. The information divulged in this training will give you the skill sets to rank websites for capital city keywords just like we do! One you understand the techniques and strategies in this course you’ll be able to rank for any keywords you want!

If you’re thinking about attending this advanced training then, you need to be aware of our perspective on the different ‘hat types’ of polarised search engine optimisation methods. We don’t buy into the white-hat or black-hat polarisation propaganda because we’ve seen first-hand that both strategies work. We consider black-hat SEO to be anything that is illegal such as hacking sites, or anything that is unethical, such as negative SEO. And that’s something that we definitely don’t condone or promote. However, we take the opinion that every other type of SEO just falls under one of the 50 shades of grey-hat SEO that is possible. We don’t consider network sites or sneaky redirects to be blackhat by any means; they’re just a few of the many advanced strategies that are out there and work well.

Our advanced SEO training seminars delve deeply into these alternate strategies to give you a super powerful arsenal of techniques you can employ on your websites. Taking one wrong step in the execution of these methods can lead to disaster. We teach you all the right steps to take so you can cut months off the time it takes rank sites. The strategies we teach can deliver virtually unbeatable results with relatively minimal effort. This training will open a lot of doors for you, and you’ll be able to make a very comfortable living providing Seo. You’ll learn a multitude of super-powerful methods to make websites rank. Masters never stop learning, and the fastest way for Masters to learn more is to teach, this is why we do what we do.

Who Should Attend this Advanced Training Course

Any business website owner wishing to take the leap from a hobbyist search engine optimiser to a full blown SEO guru should do this course. It’s also specially designed for SEO practitioners who want to take their SEO skill sets to an entirely new level. We’ve compressed hundreds of hours of research into our advanced training so you can acquire these powerful skill sets in the shortest amount of time possible. If you run a web design agency and you want to make the transition to be able to provide SEO services, then you should be attending this training seminar. It’s also perfect for anyone who has been out away from the scene for a while and needs a complete advanced refresher course to bring them up to speed with what’s working in 2016.

What Will I Learn From The Advanced Module?

This course covers everything from how to perform powerful SEO, to how to sell your newly acquired skills and services. We drill down deep into boosting domain authority metrics and your onsite SEO strategies. (notice the internal link back to our page on this subject and the partial match anchor text we used. That’s one of the reasons that page is ranked 1st for ‘advanced onsite SEO strategies’) You’ll also learn the same content siloing techniques that you can deploy on your existing sites for immediate results. You’ll learn how to use a vast array of tools to their fullest potential including Seo automation tools such as GSA SER. In short, there is nothing we don’t disclose in this training as your success is our success!

  • Super-advanced onsite optimisation strategies that boost ranking & are penalty proof
  • Strategic 301 redirect methodologies. Exactly how and when to use them on your site
  • Our secret twist on private blog networks & everything you need to build them right
  • Learn how to use SEO automation software. Exactly when & where to use this strategy
  • Backlink black-belt master class, tiered linking structures & secret stacking strategies
  • Page Rank sculpting & domain authority manipulation. Advanced competition analysis
  • Advanced click through rate optimisation methods & user metrics manipulation
  • SEO footprint prevention tactics. Information on proxies and site network hosting
  • Niche targeting & SEO sales tactics. Outsourcing your operation of client acquisition
  • Advanced domain acquisition tactics. In-depth breakdown of the tools & platforms

With the advent of Google’s most recent updates many struggling practitioners of search engine optimisation have been left behind clinging onto outdated and ineffective SEO strategies that are simply not producing the same results as they once did. We are continually split testing different campaign strategies and forever learning about new trends in optimisation techniques so we can implement them into our clients campaigns and deliver the best results possible. We understand that teaching is the fastest way to learn, and we enjoy nothing more than passing on our extensive SEO expertise to like minded people of all experience levels. If you’re looking to learn the fasted way to rank websites then I encourage you to attend our fantastic training courses and take advantage of our expertise so we can show you the most powerful methods available to achieve your goal of being highly effective at SEO.Richard Brus – Seo Instructor