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The perfect solution to give your business maximum visibility in the search results for medium to hard keywords.

Get noticed & dominate your business niche. The Deluxe will put your website in the top positions so you can reap the rewards.

Perfect for businesses that need to be 1st in the results for capital city keywords like ‘Sydney Bathroom Renovations’

An all-encompassing seo solution that ensures your site ranks extremely well. Our conversion optimisation ensures high ROI.

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We don’t lock our clientele into contracts because the results we achieve consistently exceed expectations. Clients are free to leave whenever they wish & we don’t lean on contracts as an excuse for poor performance. Performing search engine optimisation without contracts makes us work harder.

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Virtually all of our clients achieve a tenfold ROI when using our seo packages. Our aim is to ensure businesses triple their return on investment in the first month alone. What we can do for businesses over the long term is simply amazing! If we don’t think your business will double its ROI every month using our services then we won’t work with you.

Our Seo Expertise Will Get Your Site to the Top of Page 1 & Get You Business!


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Targeted Keywords

Although most businesses don’t have more than 5-10 primary keywords they wish to target, you can reasonably expect to rank for scores of keywords when using one of our Seo packages. As an example, take a look at the below results for a plumber’s campaign who only wanted the top positions for less than ten keywords. We were able to achieve 1st place positions for their most competitive keywords and therefore all of their other associated long tail keywords then follow suit. Just take a look at their amazing results here, and you’ll see what we mean.

24 Hour Keyword Monitoring

What could be more transparent than live 24-hour keyword monitoring that get automatically updated every hour? We make it easy to monitor your sites progress by providing you with a live link that shows you the exact position of your site’s keywords in the search results. Providing our clients with live results makes monthly reporting virtually redundant. Seo Worx clients don’t have to wait until month end to check the effectiveness of their campaign, nor do they manually have to type their search phrases into Google to check their positions.

Complete Meta Data Rewrite

Well written, and optimised Meta-data is critical for achieving high click-through rates and more sales. There’s no point being in 1st position of the search results if your page’s title and call to action are weak, uninteresting, and uninspiring. Having a concise and emotive call-to-action in your Metadata will help your site achieve higher rankings and increase click-throughs. When a site in 3rd position of the search results is getting more clicks than it’s competitors because of it’s compelling Meta-data, then that website will soon move up the results.

Complete Website Maintenance

Having your site running on outdated CMS platforms or plugin versions is a security risk and can also hinder your Seo efforts. All team members at Seo Worx have a strong foundation in web development, and we ensure that your site has the latest and best extensions helping it along. We’ll keep your site operating flawlessly, and we provide this service as a free added extra for all of our clients. We have years of experience in writing well-optimised clean code that search bots love to digest, and we tighten the security and enhance the performance of every website we touch.